It has been a long time coming but we have finally started production on our short film “The Deacon Suite”.

Pre-production started earlier in the year with a view to having the film ready for the season of winter festivals but it has been a difficult time getting the production on to this point. The director, Stephen Mellor, explains.

“We ran in to problems almost straight away. Even though this is a short script there are a lot of things that needed work and we have had several people drop out along the way. I’m thrilled that we have got to this point, however, and really looking forward to the start of production.”

Despite difficulties the production team are congregating tomorrow for the start of the shoot.

“I am very pleased to welcome Larry Brangwyn [@larik47] to our team who will be taking on the role of Director of Photography. Obviously on such a small production, we will all be chipping in to do the work but it’s great to have someone on board with an eye like Larry’s.”

The final casting was a fraught experience as well, with the leading actor dropping out two days before production.

“It is so unfortunate that the person we cast had a bereavement in their family. We ended up frantically phoning, texting and messaging everyone we knew who we thought could help and we are very fortunate to have found Georgie Leonard to take on the main role.”

Burnt Papyrus intends to keep people posted via twitter and facebook on how the production is progressing. Follow us for more information @burntpapyrus or why not like our Facebook page.