Burnt Papyrus was set up to produce fantastic programming for the net generation and we’re happy to announce that our first project is current in pre-production. Filming in November, the fantasy/drama ‘The Ministry’ depicts a world that is about to witness the rebirth of Magic and the ancient powers that have combined to prevent that from happening. In the middle of this is the very real story of those effected by the rebirth and terrorised by the power at the center of it all; the shadowy organisation known only as ‘The Ministry’.

Auditions are being arranged for October and we already have a few members of the cast on-board (and others clambering for the limited places left). We welcome anyone interested in the pilot and if you want to audition for a part then please contact us for further information.

To promote this first project we have set up this website which should be the focal point for all of our future work as well. As well as this site we have a facebook page and twitter profile which will have the very latest information about the projects. As each project draws nearer the focus will be moved away from this site to the project’s very own website. We welcome comments about the site and our projects.

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