“Hiking through the Welsh countryside, a couple on their honeymoon encounter a strange glowing sphere.”


It is a bright summers day. Douglas and Sarah, Played by Steve Speak and Kate Davies respectively, are on their honeymoon and doing what couples the world over do… Argue. Who is really at fault, and what the argument is really about we shall never know but it is clear that the blame has fallen square on the hapless Douglas who is taking the brunt of Sarah’s (probably justified) nagging. That is, until Douglas finds a ball. A glowing ball that suddenly makes him start to act oddly.


Created especially for the Creative Carnival Festival in Taunton, the idea for creating “The Ball” came from Burnt Papyrus producer Steve Mellor:

“It was a combination of things really. A few days before we heard about the festival, Kate had contacted me saying she was back in the country and would like to work with us on something. She was meant to be in the earlier pilot we put together but had to bow out because of work commitments. I jumped at the chance to work with her and her partner Steve because of the shear professionalism and talent they could bring to the production.”

To further challenge the film-makers the decision was made to put the short together in a small space of time. The filming would take place over a 48 hour period and there would be no room for re-shoots and pickups.


The short script was written on 20th of June after the plot had been fleshed out by Steve Mellor and Joe Kelly. When the plot was set and some of the set pieces decided on, Steve fleshed out the script with dialogue.

At 9:00 am on 25th June the cast and crew finally met up and headed for the location (an area of Gloucestershire near Newent) where the entire film was shot.

Production wrapped on the first day and reviewing the footage found that we had enough coverage to be able to pull off what we wanted. The initial edit was done on that first night and we set up the studio so that ADR could be recorded the following day.

With the film and ADR complete, we set about finalising the edit towards the end of 26th and we were finished by the end of the weekend. Two things were left to do over the week of the 27th, the visual effects and the final audio mix down, which were duly completed.

The Film

You can watch the film below or on Youtube: