“After a long day at work, a woman returns to her hotel room.”


We all know what it’s like to get back from work and our heroine, booking in to a hotel after a long day, just wants to go to sleep. But is everything right with the room.


After production had finished on “The Ball” the company wanted to do something which raised the game in terms of production and something that could be submitted to other festivals. Joe Kelly came up with the concept and wrote the original script and he and Steve Mellor worked on the rewrite and final drafts.



Joe Kelly first came up with the plot and it was discussed with Steve Mellor. When the plot was set and some of the set pieces decided on, Joe wrote the first draft of the script and Steve the second, both working on rewrites to come to the final draft.


Production started on December 17th at the Bradley Hotel in Cheltenham where the production had hired out a room to act as the hotel room in the film. Although planned for a two day shoot, with pickups on the Sunday, the cast and crew worked through the night on the first day and the whole piece was in the can by the Sunday morning.


Editing was to be done in the new year and was completed in time to submit the film to several festivals.

The Film

Currently the film is not online but we hope to complete a new version of the film, with enhanced audio, for release online in 2014.