“The fantasy/drama ‘The Ministry’ is the story of those effected by the rebirth of magic and terrorised by a shadowy organisation known only as ‘The Ministry’.”


Enter the world of “The Ministry”. It’s world where magic is real and those affected by it are hunted down and killed. Thrown in to this world is Simon, a lazy journalist who sponges of his brother’s family, but all that will soon change. On a night out, his brother is shot and he is whisked away by a mysterious girl known as Rani. Who is she, who are they running from and what has been sent after them?


Rani Transformed “The Ministry” was conceived as a television series with a story arc that covers 4 seasons of 13, 45 minute episodes. The idea was to fill the slots in the schedule where no original British Sci-fi or Fantasy show was available and to capitalise on a resurgence of interest in the genre.

With the success of shows like ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Primeval’, we felt that there would be a place for similar content aimed more towards the adult audience. ‘The Ministry’ would appeal the older audiences of the aforementioned shows as well as taking those who enjoyed such productions as ‘Torchwood’ and the more recent ‘Outcasts’. Steve Mellor, who conceived the show, talks about the proposed series:

“I felt that the genre shows that were on Television weren’t quite hitting the mark and that there was room for an intelligent series that wasn’t either produced as a kids show or a spin off of a kids show. It’s great to have things like ‘Being Human’ on TV but that’s only 8 weeks a year at the most and I truly believe that there is an apatite for this type of programming throughout the year.”

“Currently, America leads the way in this type of programming. Britain can do this just as well, in fact we have a long history of it. It’s a shame we don’t do this more often.”


This was the first production for Burnt Papyrus and was filmed in the winter of 2009. The cast and crew were pulled from the local talent available in the area and a casting call was put out for the most important parts.