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  • All Bloody In ScarletPerhaps we couldn't have chosen two films that were so diverse for this podcast. Returning after a brief hiatus, we take a look at the new DVD release of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and Kevin Smith's 2011 release, Red State. First up is the latest from a director best known for comedies. It's not a comedy. Secondly, from a director best known for gritty gangster flicks... A comedy.
  • Total RemakeWhatever you think of them, there is no doubt that [...]
  • 2012 Oscars RundownIt's 2012 and it's Oscars day and last Wednesday, when recording our regular podcast (which is coming soon by the way) we have a read through of all of the major Oscars nominations and comment on the ones we know about. Have a listen and let us know your thoughts.
  • Heroine AddictionBonjour mes amis! Recepción a nuestro podcast. A slight international feel to this introduction because this month we are tackling some foreign language films. Joining Stephen and Joe on the Pod-Couch this month is actor, raconteur, puppeteer and coffee maker, Murray Andrews.